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Process/Expectations of New Construction


Stage 1 - Quotes/Bids

Quotes and bids are sent to builder based on house plans sent to our team.


Stage 2 - Consultation

A consultation will be held with the builder/project manager during the framing stage of the property. Samples will be provided & we will discuss placement of electrical.

Stage 3 - Track Installation

Track placement will be discussed prior to track installation. We will advise on how to build the recessed screen cavities at this point.

Stage 4-Final measure and ordering

  • Current lead-time subject to change
  • All flooring must be completed before final measure
  • *This ensures the screen will be cut at a bias if required.

Stage-5-Final installation

Our team will reach out in order to schedule screen installation and all final installations will be completed.

Stage 6 - Invoicing

A final invoice will be sent upon completion of the final installation.