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Commercial Shades & Screens

All successful business owners know that finding new ways to make your clients comfortable is the key to continued growth. We have experience installing screens and shades for commercial clients with outdoor venues. Not only do these screens and shades provide guest comfort, but they also fit in seamlessly with the aesthetics of your business and keep heating/cooling costs to a minimum while increasing revenue.

Key Features

  • Commercial units keep out bugs, heat, cold, and small amounts of rain while retaining inside temperatures.
  • Using both Sattler and Serge Ferrari Vinyl Options, coupled with Fenestra Clear Windows, allows your guests to be seated outdoors with the screens down without disturbing their view.
  • Our tracking system is a channel style which allows commercial screens to ride up and down with ease. All screens are motorized, moving at the push of a button.
  • Stabilizer bars are sewn and riveted into pockets of material, ensuring screens stay in channels and hold when they’re down. Commercial screen hood size is the standard 5.5”.

KJ Digital Color Chart

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