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Houston Outdoor Living Products Common Questions

KJ: Q & A

Question: How much does a motorized screen cost?
Answer: Pricing is based on width x height. For example, a 10×10 motorized screen installed, starts between $3600.00-$3800.00

Question: What is the largest size screen you offer?
Answer: We work with several manufacturers to accommodate all the needs of our clients. Locally we can make screens up to 23 ft x 16ft with a hood or 25 ft x 16ft recessed (new construction.) We can go up to 32’ with other manufacturers but we need to be involved in the design process to ensure a screen over 25ft will work for your home.

Question: How long does it take to get a motorized screen?
Answer: Our current lead time is 6-8wks from final measure and date of deposit. This will fluctuate during peak times of the year, but we typically can stay within this timeframe.

Question: How much is your deposit?
Answer: We require a 50% deposit to get started.

Question: How do I go about getting a motorized screen in my patio?
Answer: Call us! We offer personalized consultations and will walk you through all the colors, opacities, and installation styles we offer. We will make recommendations based on your family’s lifestyle. Everyone’s needs are different and we strive to personalize the experience for you.

Question: What are my options for controlling the motorized screens?
Answer: Every screen/s come with a handheld remote. We also offer in-wall remotes, decorative wall remotes called Smooves (up to 4 screens on one remote), a Tahoma (app interfaces for phones), and other interfaces that will allow you to control the screens through your home audio system like Lutron, Control 4 or Crestron.

Question: What are the motorized screens mainly used for?
Answer: In Texas, we use the screens for sun and bug protection. Our sun is hot and our bugs are big. We also have clients that use the screens for privacy as well. The screens can
also retain heat in the colder months.

Question: What is the wind rating to a motorized screen? I want to keep my patio clean of debris.
Answer: While the screens can take a lot of wind, they are not meant to be left down in consistent high winds. Think of it this way – at 30mph, the National Weather forecast states to start securing all patio equipment, chairs, pool toys etc. At 40mph, items will start to move. Over 50mph, debris will start flying around and can puncture your screen. Our best advice is: in mild winds (up to 30mph) enjoy your screens and leave them down. But when you know there is a storm coming, raise them up to protect the screens. Chances are, you are also securing all your patio furniture as well because in Texas, our storms come with 60-80mph winds.

Question: How long do motorized screen last?
Answer: A motorized screens is like your car. It needs to be maintained and taken care of. We have had screens last 15 yrs with no issues. A good life span of a screen is about 10yrs. Getting on our maintenance program will help your screens last longer. Depending on use, we recommend getting a screen tune-up 1-2x per year. Homes settle and the tracks settle with it. We will do EVERYTHING so you can get the most out of your patio.