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Winterizing Your Texas Patio Screens

In Texas, we get all 4 seasons in one day. So prepping your patio for fall and winter should be high on your fall chore list. Not only is covering your furniture and grill a must, but winterizing your motorized screens is something you should do as well. Due to our fluctuating weather, knowing how to take care of your screens is a must. After all, you made quite an investment when you purchased them.

Here are some tips when it comes to using your screens in the fall and winter:

  • Even though the motors are made for all types of weather, remember these are screens. The working temp of the motor is 40-140 degrees. So, when the temperature falls below 40 degrees, we recommend that you do not lower the screens. This is very similar to a car battery not working in extremely cold temperatures. Plus, the screen can freeze into the tracks overnight and you will not be able to raise them until the temperatures are warmer.
  • The cold makes porous materials (wood, screen fabric, stucco, etc..) contract. This can cause the frame, screen, and home to get smaller. This may cause the screen to come out of the tracks if lowered. We recommend that you adjust your screen in the fall and the spring to prepare for changing temperatures. Call us today for winter maintenance @ (713) 927-9972.
  • Siliconing or lubing your tracks regularly will help the screen slide down evenly during cold weather. Adding a silicone after you have cleaned the screen or tracks is best. Debris will build up in the tracks over time and can cause the screen material to come out of the tracks. Click here to see what lubrication we recommend. (We recommend cleaning the screens during the summer on a warm day. Use a hose – not a power washer – and clean the screen with water and Dove soap. Rinse off and let dry completely. Wash out the tracks. Once dry, silicone in the center of the tracks and move the screens up and down several times.)