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6 Garage Tips To Protect Your Car

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Aside from a home, a car is usually the most expensive thing a person will buy. It’s a big investment, and for many people, it is a necessary tool for work and life. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to take care of your car, and not just when it’s on the road. By making sure your garage is up to scratch, you can ensure your car is safe and protected when it is sitting at home.

Make Sure You Have Enough Room

First, if you don’t have a garage, or if your garage is too small to both act as storage and park your car, you may want to consider building a custom garage. This can provide you with some extra space, which you can dedicate entirely to storing, maintaining, and protecting your car. One option is to use a steel building as your garage. Steel buildings are generally cheaper than traditional structures, and they’re durable, easy to assemble, and energy efficient.

Alternatively, if your garage is cluttered and difficult to park in, you may just need to re-organize. This Old House recommends setting aside a full weekend or two and making it into a family project. You will need to go over everything in the garage, deciding on what to keep, sell, and donate. Items that can attract bugs and vermin, such as pet food and paper goods, should be removed, as should potentially dangerous items like propane.

Get Storage-Smart

Once you have cleared the garage of the extra stuff, you’ll still want to organize it effectively. After all, the more clear floor space you have in the garage, the lower your chance of scratching or damaging the car. The easiest way to organize the space is to bring in creative, smart storage solutions. Buy some storage bins, make use of vertical space with wall organizers, coat racks, and tracks, and make use of any old cabinets or furniture you have lying around. Leave no nook or cranny unturned.

Prepare for Severe Weather

If you’re planning on leaving a car in the garage during the winter, there are a few precautions you should take. Clean the car (inside and outside); fill it up with fuel, fuel stabilizer, and coolant; change your oil and filter; and make sure that no critters can get into the car by blocking all air inlets and setting traps. This applies not only to squirrels and other wild creatures, but also to any pets – especially cats – that frequent the garage.

If your car spends a lot of time parked in a hot garage during the summer, clean and fill it up before storing it. However, a few specific things to add in this case include placing baking soda in the car to prevent odors and opening the garage door once in a while to ventilate the space.

Install a Garage Parking Aid

If you’re scared of scratching or damaging your car every time you park it in the garage, you need a parking aid. Parking aids come in a variety of models, from laser beams that let you know when to park to simple bars and balls. Go for a more advanced laser model if you have two cars, or get a basic bar if you’re on a budget.

Switch Up Your Garage Door

A reliable garage door will keep your car safe and secure, but it can also boost your curb appeal. According to Home Depot, changing your garage door can have up to 85 percent return on investment, making it one of the best projects to boost your home’s value. Choose wood for aesthetic appeal, steel for low maintenance, and vinyl or aluminum for dent resistance. You can also add a motorized garage door screen so you can enjoy some fresh air while being protected from the sun’s rays and pests.

Upgrade Your Security

Finally, you need to ensure your garage is safe from would-be criminals. A few ways to achieve this include using a zip tie to keep thieves from using the emergency latch, installing an alarm or motion sensor lights in the garage, using frosted windows, and securing the garage side door with a Door Devil or similar safety device.

When you take care of your garage, you take care of your car. Make the most of the space you have and always ensure you have plenty of room to maneuver comfortably. These small steps can go a long way toward keeping your car in great shape, thus protecting your investment.